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Libya - the rebirth of colonialism

The New Colonialism: Washington's Pursuit of World Hegemony
 "Gaddafi got himself targeted by standing up to Western imperialism. He refused to be part of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM). Gaddafi saw Washington’s scheme for what it is, a colonialist’s plan to divide and conquer"

What we are observing in Libya is the rebirth of colonialism. Only this time it is not individual European governments competing for empires and resources. The new colonialism operates under the cover of “the world community,” which means NATO and those countries that cooperate with it. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was once a defense alliance against a possible Soviet invasion of Western Europe. Today NATO provides European troops in behalf of American hegemony.

Washington pursues world hegemony under the guises of selective “humanitarian intervention” and “bringing freedom and democracy to oppressed peoples.” On an opportunistic basis, Washington targets countries for intervention that are not its “international partners.” Caught off guard, perhaps, by popular revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, there are some indications that Washington responded opportunistically and encouraged the uprising in Libya. Khalifa Hifter, a suspected Libyan CIA asset for the last 20 years, has gone back to Libya to head the rebel army.

Gaddafi got himself targeted by standing up to Western imperialism. He refused to be part of the US Africa Command. Gaddafi saw Washington’s scheme for what it is, a colonialist’s plan to divide and conquer.

The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) was created by order of President George W. Bush in 2007. AFRICOM describes its objective:
“Our approach is based upon supporting U.S. national security interests in Africa as articulated by the President and Secretaries of State and Defense in the National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy. The United States and African nations have strong mutual interests in promoting security and stability on the continent of Africa, its island states, and maritime zones. Advancing these interests requires a unified approach that integrates efforts with those of other U.S. government departments and agencies, as well as our African and other international partners.”
The AFRICOM Crest.  Click for high-res version.
Forty-nine countries participate in the US Africa Command, but not Libya, Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast. There is Western military intervention in these non-member countries except for Zimbabwe.

One traditional means by which the US influences and controls a country is by training its military and government officers. The program is called International Military and Education Training (IMET). AFRICOM reports that “in 2009 approximately 900 military and civilian students from 44 African countries received education and training in the United States or their own countries. Many officers and enlisted IMET graduates go on to fill key positions in their militaries and governments.”

AFRICOM lists as a key strategic objective the defeat of the “Al-Qaeda network.” The US Trans Sahara Counter Terrorism Partnership (TSCTP) trains and equips “partner nation forces “ to preclude terrorists from establishing sanctuaries and aims to “ultimately defeat violent extremist organizations in the region.”

Apparently, after ten years of “the war on terror” an omnipotent al-Qaeda now ranges across Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia in Africa, across the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the UK and is such a threat within the United States itself as to require a $56 billion “Homeland Security” annual budget.

The al-Qaeda threat, a hoax as likely as not, has become Washington’s best excuse for intervening in the domestic affairs of other countries and for subverting American civil liberties.

Sixty-six years after the end of World War II and 20 years after the Collapse of the Soviet Union, the US still has an European Command, one of nine military commands and six regional commands.

No other country feels a need for a world military presence. Why does Washington think that it is a good allocation of scarce resources to devote $1.1 trillion annually to military and security “needs”? Is this a sign of Washington’s paranoia? Is it a sign that only Washington has enemies?

Or is it an indication that Washington assigns the highest value to empire and squanders taxpayers’ monies and the country’s credit-worthiness on military footprints, while millions of Americans lose their homes and their jobs?

Washington’s expensive failures in Iraq and Afghanistan have not tempered the empire ambition. Washington can continue to rely on the print and TV media to cover up its failures and to hide its agendas, but expensive failures will remain expensive failures. Sooner or later Washington will have to acknowledge that the pursuit of empire has bankrupted the country.

It is paradoxical that Washington and its European “partners” are seeking to extend control over foreign lands abroad while immigration transforms their cultures and ethnic compositions at home. As Hispanics, Asians, Africans, and Muslims of various ethnicities become a larger and larger percentage of the populations of the “First World,” support for the white man’s empire fades away. Peoples desiring education and in need of food, shelter, and medical care will be hostile to maintaining military outposts in the countries of their origins.

Who exactly is occupying whom?

Parts of the US are reverting to Mexico. For example, demographer Steve Murdock, a former director of the US Census Bureau, reports that two-thirds of Texas children are Hispanics and concludes: “It’s basically over for Anglos.”

Ironic, isn’t it, while Washington and its NATO puppets are busy occupying the world, they are being occupied by the world.

from africom centre
NATO takes over multilateral operations in Libya
Apr 1, 2011 — U.S. aircraft will remain on standby as NATO takes over multilateral operations in Libya and the coalition considers its future role there, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told a Senate committee March 31, 2011.
U.S. military aircraft are still available to NATO in the next few days until the organization formally takes control of military operations over Libya, Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee. After that, the U.S. fighter jets will remain on standby in case they are needed again, he said.

Gates and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, earlier appeared before the House Armed Services Committee in what was a full day of testimony about the U.S. role in Libya.

Coalition forces had to halt air operations over Libya due to bad weather for the past two days, causing rebel forces to retreat from areas they'd gained since operations began March 19, Mullen said.

Gates described the U.S. military mission in Libya as an emergency prompted by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's intent to use his military against civilians protesting for his ouster. Without intervention, he said, the situation would have led to thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of refugees and destabilization across North Africa.

"That part of our mission is complete and successful," Gates said.

More than 20 nations, including several Arab countries, are participating in the NATO coalition -- some publicly, some not -- in different ways to enforce U.N. Resolution 1973 that allows for the no-fly zone, Mullen said. The coalition, he said, was able to move fast to prevent a disaster because of U.S. relations with those European and Middle Eastern nations.

Nota Tambahan:

Pendapat seorang pengulas artikel WW3 pada 3 Fab, 2011 pada masa ini krisis di Libya belum berlaku. Memang ada kewajarannya pandangan beliau.

kita tunggu dan lihat peristiwa yang menghala ke arah huru-hara dunia...bukan minta...tapi sudah tertulis dalam al-Quran dan hadis...

sekarang huru-hara di Mesir..berkemungkinan besar merebak ke Algeria dan kawasan yang berhampiran dengan Israel..Sistem dajal telah menggerakkan semua tenteranya dengan cukup teliti dan rapi sesuai dengan lambang jangka lukis pada lambang freemason tu...sama-samalah kita berdoa semoga saudara kita di sana dapat menangani kemaraan tentera Dajjal...

pada hipotesis saya, sekarang sistem Dajjal ini sudah hampir kemuncaknya...hanya menunggu masa yang sesuai...walaupun nak mengambil masa beberapa tahun..tetapi masa berlalu begitu pantas tanpa kita sedari..

benar seperti sabda nabi..di akhir zaman nanti masa akan melipat waktu..sistem DAjjal sudah masuk dalam setiap sudut baik dari ekonomi..politik,ketenteraan,sains dan sosial...penaklukannya sudah berada pada fasa ke-3..

sabda nabi..Dajjal akan memerintah 40hari...1 hari bagaikan setahun (British)..1 Hari bagaikan sebulan (Amerika)....1 hari bagaikan seminggu (Israel)..dan selebihnya adalah seperti hari-hari biasa...Pada hipotesis saya kuasa besar Amerika akan runtuh akibat krisis ekonominya (Krisis hutang) pada 2019...Israel akan muncul sebagai kuasa besar pada 2020...New World Order (NWO)..

adakah tahun ini berkebetulan dengan wawasan 2020 negara malaysia ?....kiraan tahun ini adalah adalah berdasarkan sistem galaksi bima sakti mempunyai 12 planet dan 1 matahari...sama seperti surah yusuf..Jarak antara planet sehingga yang planet ke 12 yang baru dijumpai baru-baru ini (Planet Keppler B) selepas planet Al-Quttb dan planet X...kiraan masa cukup 1000 tahun...nabi yusuf bermimpi semua 12 bintang sujud kepadanya...surah al-Haj..sehari kamu di azab adalah seribu tahun lamanya seperti mana yang kamu hitung....sekarang u all carilah senjata Dajjal sangat mengerikan..teknologi HAARP...nak solat dulu...


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