Sunday, March 27, 2011

Satanic Movement OBAMA BENLADEN: Access to Libyan oil rather than saving human lives

The speedy intervention by America, France and Britain in Libya in the name of UN Resolution in favour of ‘No Fly” Zone is nothing but an old imperialist goal. All these three nations are old imperialist powers who have colonized half the world during 19th and first half of 20th century, France and Britain directly and America indirectly. The cover of course was to ‘save ‘civilian lives though they themselves, along with their allies, have killed, in colonized countries civilians many more times be it in India, Algeria, Vietnam and several other countries.

They have also supported allies who are mostly dictators and keep on killing civilians as a matter of routine but none of them would protest even symbolically as it suits their vested interests. Israel virtually destroyed Lebanon and killed thousands of civilians but America not only did not protest, let alone stop Israel from doing that as it was in its interest. Their civilians, including women and children, all become ‘terrorists’ and worth killing and hence extend full cooperation to Israel.

When Israel was bombing Ghaza and destroying everything including residential houses and even hospitals killing the sick, women and children, America kept quiet along with Britain and France. As they were all worth killing to ‘protect’ Israel. People thought since Republican Party was ruling and Bush was the President, it was their ideology and hence they are doing it though it was not correct position. Whether president is Clinton, Bush or Obama it is the same story.

When Bush administration attacked Iraq telling lies that Saddam Hussein possesses ‘weapons of mass destruction’ blame was mainly on him and when Obama contested for Presidentship against the Republican candidate all of us thought he is a liberator and supported him emotionally and celebrated when he won. He was even awarded Noble Prize for peace for ‘opposing war’ in Afghanistan and Iraq. Did he deserve Noble? In fact no ruler should ever be given Noble as rulers are hardly motivated by ideals and values but by their own interests. However, Noble is known to be pro-establishment in its approach.

Obama, however, along with rulers of Britain and France justifies the attack on Libya by saying that the Arab League was also a party to the UN resolution and they urged for stopping bombing of civilians by Muammar Qaddafi. This is only technically true. The Arab League has changed its position now as it was embarrassed by such speedy and destructive invasion by three western countries.

The Arab League’s support had not much credibility even otherwise. Firstly, most of the member countries are ruled by those who are US supporters, monarchs and dictators. Secondly, these rulers themselves fear rebellion by their own masses and look towards America for support. Thus the Arab League support hardly had any legitimacy in the eyes of the Arab masses.

Let us point out here this author is no supporter of Qaddafi. He has ruled Libya with iron hands for last 41 years and must be toppled sooner than later. His own people had revolted against him and his bombing them also would not have stopped them from fighting against him. However, this intervention, by three countries, has given his rule some kind of legitimacy to perpetuate himself.

Now many Arabs will think it was indeed some kind of western conspiracy to topple him and control Libyan oil. Their sympathy now will be more with Qaddafi than otherwise. Qaddafi’s supporters will also fight bow with greater determination. In fact these western powers were in a hurry for armed intervention as they were not sure which way the rebels would go, They were uncertain especially because this was a democratic revolt against Qaddafi’s dictatorship. In that case they will have no Access to Libyan oil.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro has shown in his lucid article what is tempting for these western imperialists. The real motive, according to Castro, is oil reserves of Libya. He writes: “Total desert covers 95% of its (Libya’s) territory. Technology made it possible to find significant fields of excellent quality light oil, currently providing 800 billion barrels per day, and abundant natural gas deposits. Such wealth allowed it to achieve a life expectancy of close to 75 years and the highest per capita income in Africa. Its harsh desert is located above an enormous lake of fossil water, equivalent to more than three times the land surface of Cuba, which has made it possible to construct a broad network of fresh water pipes which extends throughout the country.”

Thus for America and other western countries who are greatly dependent on oil and gas reserves, there are enormous implications for controlling Libya’s natural resources. They cannot simply let them go. No wonder than the way speedily they have attacked Libya in the name of saving civilian lives. Their invasion has already killed several hundred and no one knows how long these operations will continue.

Qaddafi will not give up easily. He has already declared his intention to prepare for a long term fight. However, after the experience of Iraq and Afghanistan it may not be easy for peoples of America, England and France to support misadventure of their rulers. Moreover the lie that this intervention is for saving civilian lives will soon be out and people would know it is in fact for filling the rich coffers of oil giants rather than saving human lives. Then it will indeed be very difficult to sustain the fight.

Iraq and Afghanistan is very much on the minds of people and their support cannot be taken for granted. Russia, China, India and Brazil have refused to support US-England and France armed intervention in Libya and from Europe Germany also declined to join US led invasion. It has become obvious to the peoples of the world that America waits for some pretext to invade (behind cover of some higher cause) WHERE THERE IS OIL and where Israel’s interests are involved. Given these two factors, America will never hesitate to intervene.

Now there is one more factor involved: the peaceful movement against dictators and monarch’s to topple them and replace them with democratic alternative. This totally belies Prof. Samuel Huntington’s theory of clash of civilizations and that Islam is not at all compatible with democracy. The former theory was evolved to create new enemy – Islam- to replace communism which collapsed and the later to legitimize support for dictators and monarchs in the Arab world and both stood to the total advantage of America.

Osama’s terrorism – projected as Islamic terrorism for obvious reasons – reinforced these images of Islam and Muslims and if peaceful resistance to dictators and monarchs in the Arab world continues it will prove these theories i.e. Islam is terrorist religion and incompatible with democracy, will be proved wrong and would no longer provide False excuses to America for armed interventions this imposing its dominance over the area.

The American intervention in Libya has complex motives apart from oil politics. All remaining Arab dictators are looking at America to save them and terrorism is very much needed by them led by Osama to legitimize their rule. This democratic revolution in the Arab world is not only proving Osama wrong that violence and terrorism is the only way out but also giving these dictators sleepless nights. It is totally knocking off their feet all political legitimacy.

The Arab masses are quite hopeful today that the other world is possible and possible quite peaceful and democratically. But western powers want to prove them wrong and prove Osama right. In fact America needs Osama and Osama needs America. They have become each others mirror image.


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